Subsidiaries and Capacities

Beshay Steel is the parent company for many subsidiaries. Through our subsidiaries, we are active in every segment of the steel industry, plus the required divisions to cover all aspects necessary for our facilities to become one of the largest capacity produced steelmakers worldwide. We position ourselves as the leaders of such industry and we have the most well trained and highly advanced engineers in this field. Beshay Steel subsidiaries consists of the following:

Egyptian Sponge Iron and Steel Company (ESISCo) (SAE)


ESISCo is the largest facility to date for Beshay Steel with the highest capacity of production and is placed on an area of about 1.5 million square meters. This company is running with the most advanced technology. The company runs one DR plant, two Melt Shops, and one Section Mill.

Direct Reduced Plant
2000000 TPY
Melt Shops
3000000 TPY
Section Mill
500000 TPY

Egyptian American Steel Rolling Company (EASRCo) (SAE)

EASRCo was established in 1998, on a land area of 0.3 million square meters. The company is running two rolling mill plants and a Meltshop.

Rolling Mills
1200000 TPY
Melt Shop
1200000 TPY

International Steel Rolling Mills Company (ISRM) (SAE)


ISRM is the first rolling mill for Beshay Steel group, established in 1989 with the aim of building an empire of steel business in Egypt to supply locally and abroad all types and sizes of products.

Rolling Mill
700000 TPY

Alexandria for Inland Transportation (LLC)

Alex Transport Logo

Alex Transport has a wide range of machinery to provide the company with a faster, more Eco-friendly delivery process. These machinery include trucks, cranes, excavators, and cars. The company is responsible for logistics, and the transfer of all utilized goods and raw materials throughout Egypt to ensure the timely operation of all Beshay Steel facilities.

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Egyptian Company for Metal Industries & Installations (SAE)

ECMII, established in 2019, is specialized in steel fabrication and erection with an outstanding quality producing all types of steel structures and plate work. This engineering company designs and delivers a vast range of products. ECMII has a total production capacity of 50,000 metric tons per annum.

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