In 1948 Mr. Gaber Beshay established the “International Steel Trading Company” importing steel to Egypt during a very difficult political time. After he passed away in the 1960s his four sons took over the trading business and decided to build a workshop to produce nuts and bolts, as well as a heat treatment workshop to fulfill the needs of the local industries.

As the 90s approached, the Beshay family embarked on their first long product project, when they contracted with MORGAN Construction USA to supply a 700,000 TPY re-bar rolling mill. This project was very successful and enabled the group to expand to a further 1.2 MTPY in 1998, when they commissioned 2 cutting edge SIMAC re-bar rolling mills, with a capacity of 600,000 TPY each. Those mills produce superior quality steel re-bars and wire rods.

Due to the growing demand for steel billets and quality long products, the group commissioned a 1.2 MTPY EAF melt shop to ensure a high quality continuous supply of billets for its rolling mills.

Recently, Beshay Steel completed its largest project yet, a 2.0 MTPY DRI facility with MIDREX technology featuring the first 2G-HOTLINK® where HDRI is directly fed to an SVMT EAF melt shop with a 1.5 MTPY capacity. Two SVMT EAF melt shops with a capacity of 3.0 MTPY. Danieli Light Section Mill with a capacity of 500,000 TPY. These projects highlight our commitment to fulfilling the continuously growing demand in the Egyptian and global markets.



Beshay Trading Co. with a steel turnover of roughly 1000 TPY.


A 5 stand manual rolling mill with a capacity of 2000 TPY as well as a workshop to produce nails.


International Steel Marketing Co. with a steel turnover of 600,000 TPY.


The group’s first high speed, automatic, two strand Morgan Mill with a current rolling capacity of 700,000 TPY.


Two high speed SMS-Meer (SIMAC) Mills with a combined capacity of 1.2 MTPY of re-bars and wire rods.


A Concast steel making plant with billet production capacity of 1.2 MTPY.

  • 2.0 TPY HDRI & CDRI via a state of the art MIDREX Megamod
  • 3.0 MTPY billets via Siemens VAI steel making technology
  • 500,000 TPY Angles and Profiles with Danieli

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