Beshay Steel is entirely aware that sustainability can only be accomplished through a solid trusting relationship with the customers and society. Given that, we promise a continuous enlightening future regarding environmental and social responsibility, nationally and internationally. We will always indefinitely strive to be the top with unceasing sustainable solutions.

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We firmly commit to:

  1. Better standards of education
  2. Equality of employees
  3. First class healthcare
  4. Dominant agricultural environment
  5. High quality technologies
  6. Ongoing development

Better environment, better tomorrow

The key to a brighter future is maintaining our constructive sustainability. That is why Beshay Steel never fails to protect the environment from possible damage that can be caused by technological advances.

Our target is to have the minimal possible impact on the environment ensuring that not only our employees are working in a clean and harmless place but also we do not adversely affect that surrounding areas. It is of the highest significance that our effect on nature is constantly observed and that we take each measure possible to restrict our discharges. Our policy is to continue to meet standards set out by the ISO standards and use enhanced technology to avoid any kind of pollution. We need to make a clean sustainable business that can be a working case for different commercial industries in the world.

During steel making, emissions of CO, CO₂, SOₓ and NOₓ are a known by product.  Beshay Steel invested into a superior de-dusting system, with a suction capacity of 2.5 million Nm3/h.  This allows us to reduce and filter our emissions in order to provide a safe working environment for our employees and decrease our impact on the environment. This off-gas is constantly monitored and the steel making process is adjusted accordingly to minimize those emissions even further.

We have represented a few strategies to guarantee that we accomplish and surpass our sustainable boards. Firstly, we are evaluating our carbon footprint by figuring out what the significant outflows of greenhouse gasses are, incorporating those included in our supply chain. We will keep on monitoring our productions frequently and find a way to guarantee that they are kept to a base. We likewise are focused on expanding the amount of steel reused and transport productivity all through our supply chain. This will expand the energy productivity of the whole company alongside different ventures including research into sustainable energy, including solar power, for all future projects.

Our Endless Treasure

Beshay Steel is focused on creating a protected and clean workplace for the greater part of its employees. We will keep on striving to guarantee that the most concentrated amount of training is given to our representatives with the goal that they have the ability and attention to work harm free in the industrial environment. Our organization and agreement concentrates on the need to build up benchmarks that are ceaselessly met and set up powerful activity plans that are continuously met.

It is our objective to diminish and escape the amount of injuries wholly. So as to accomplish this objective, we will keep on ensuring that all workers are prepared properly and are advancing exclusive requirements of health and security themselves. Conclusively, we will execute a more viable system of recording and observing all injuries and breaks of the health and safety policy so issues can be managed rapidly and effectively.

Save and Renew For Better Tomorrow

As a leading steel manufacturing company, Beshay Steel is committed to implement and continually improve an effective and transparent energy management system in its entire energy intense works for the good of our nation and our community.

Top management determined to sustainability provide all necessary information and resources to gradually reduce total energy consumption by 5% by the year 2020.

Our target is to:

  • Reduce Electrical consumption by 5% i.e. 6×103MWh / Year to 30×103 MWh by 2020
  • Reduce Natural Gas consumption by 5% i.e. 4.8×105 m3 / Year to 2.4X106 m3 by 2020

Our sustainable development policy is based on 3 key factors that make up our policy triangle; Health and Safety, the Environment and Energy. Looking in depth at these three important areas has allowed us to develop a comprehensive plan committed to improving the industry for the future generations.

It is crucial for Beshay Steel to develop energy-based decisions on sustainable options to fulfill their supplying needs. As it is important for our team to establish our environmental belongings, nearly every aspect of one’s life is relying on technology nowadays and there is always a price paid for every advanced manufactured created. Dealing with this, we will not stop our constant successful growth, therefore we attempt to permanently give priority to environmental subjects that make our atmosphere more welcoming and efficient.

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