Vacuum Degassing Technology

Our Meltshop has an integrated vacuum degassing plant that is connected to gratify the demands for the production of pure and high-quality steel. This keeps us on top of competition with the newest techniques of high quality steel to have the wide range of production grades. Throughout the vacuum action, the hydrogen carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur contents are condensed in diverse process steps relying on the melt composition. A vacuum alloy hopper system permits for compositional modifications. High alloy yields and decent homogenization are distinctive characteristics of this process. A freeboard of 600–1,200 mm is compulsory, reliant on the metallurgical reactions in the ladle. We are proud to be using such a system as it offers all what the customer may demand.

Direct Feeding Systems

Energy costs are on the rise, and it insure we are ahead of all competitors, we have integrated into our plants the most advance yet technology to feed directly materials from DRP into Meltshop and from Meltshop into our Section Mill. This is an approach to save the plant impact and avoid additional cost of reheating that is unnecessary.

Hot Conveyor System

Our Direct Reduction Plant is one of the most advance plants based on natural gas and is a direct reduction plant that is utilizing the newest highly sophisticated technology. The plant generates instantaneous hot direct reduced iron (HDRI) which is directly charged straight to the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) using the Midrex Hotlink 2G Technology. Using this Hotlink 2G, the plant is able to feed up to 100% hot direct reduced iron to the EAF.

Hot Charging

Our Continuous Casting Machine (CCM) has an integrated feature to exit hot billets to enter directly into the Section Mill to produce all types of profiles and angles. The CCM is capable to release both Hot Billets and Cold Billets. Hot Billets is preferable as it reduces the production cost by saving the energy to reheat and is good for the environment as it is no longer necessary to reheat the billets before rolling but simply use the reheating furnace to insure the temperature is kept the same. This approach has been lately implemented at few companies like us to make us become one of the greenest steel manufactures worldwide.

Hot Charging

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