Management Team

Kamal G. Beshay
Kamal G. Beshay


Kamal Beshay is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Beshay Steel. He graduated from Ain Shams University, Egypt with a BA in Mechanical Engineering. He has over 40 years of experience in the steel and metals business, having started his career by joining the trading business established by his father. His main role is to ensure long-lasting development strategies that have proven to assure Beshay’s competitive edge both in domestic and international markets. His aim is to sustain production levels as well as customer satisfaction through high standards to ensure that Beshay Steel stays at the forefront of the Steel Industry. He also served as a Board Member of the Chamber of Metallurgical Industries.

Nabil G. Beshay
Nabil G. Beshay


Nabil Beshay is in charge of the import and export division, continually managing the import of resources and materials necessary for production from around the globe. Nabil Beshay is also in charge of Beshay Steel’s sister company Alex Transport based in Alexandria which proves to be the backbone of material handling for the Cairo-based Beshay Steel and has sufficed the demanded equipment required including trucks, cranes, and excavators. Following the attainment of his Bachelor’s degree, Nabil accompanied his brothers in turning a once small dream into the steel powerhouse Beshay steel is today.

Samy G. Beshay
Samy G. Beshay


Samy Beshay manages sales strategies to meet local demands as well as exporting strategies for international demand. He is in charge of sustaining the market demands and production processes required to guarantee the quality and availability of the final product. Samy Beshay is dually responsible for providing the raw materials necessary to fuel the production process plants owned by Beshay Steel. With decades of experience in the field, in addition to his Bachelor’s Degree, Samy Beshay has been sufficiently built sales plans both nationally and internationally, administering an experienced team of sales specialists that have turned Beshay Steel into a dominant firm in the steel-producing industry in the Middle East and beyond.

Rafik G. Beshay
Rafik G. Beshay


Rafik Beshay has been the Procurement Director at Beshay Steel since 2007, as he leads an enduring team of professionals in all purchasing decisions. Prior to his position, Rafik Beshay attained a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, majoring in Metallurgy & Materials Engineering and directly applied his studies into the company. His undergraduate studies, alongside with years of experience in this field, has made him an instigator in the development the Beshay family business.

Sherif G. Beshay


Sherif Beshay has an extensive experience in both Automation and Computer sectors. Graduated in year 2009 with a bachelor degree of Electronics, Electrical, and Computer Engineering from the University of Birmingham – United Kingdom. Joint the company with a goal in mind to use what was taught abroad and to implement systems to make the company more competitive and edge. Currently plays a leadership role to direct all production renovation and expanding the company capabilities.

Hanaa M. Fahim
Hanna M. Fahim


Hanna Fahim brings in experience following his work with Deloitte is a major player in the Beshay management team. As the CFO, his main responsibilities include amounting the financial risks, financial well-being of the organization, the development of financial strategies by forecasting capital, preparing growth plans, directing staff and monitoring financial performance by measuring and analyzing results. Following his work with Deloitte, Hanna Fahim devoted his time and effort to expedite the development of Beshay Steel.

Ayman H. Botrous


Ayman Botrous earned his Bachelor degree of Science in Electronics and his minor in Computer Science from the American University in Cairo in 1989 and earned his Masters degree in Business Administration from ESLESCA University in 2003. Botrous has more than 25 years of experience as he joined Beshay group in May 1992 as an electric engineer and since then he has worked for the Beshay Group in various roles where he contributed in the electric technical office, purchasing department, installation and commissioning of different Beshay plants and projects. Currently he is the plant manager of International Steel Rolling Mills (ISRM) where he aims to elevate the production rate, minimize cost and make a positive difference in the performance of the company.

Mohamed A. Moustfa
Mohamed A. Moustfa


Mohamed Moustfa has a Bachelor’s degree Electrical Engineering from the Alexandria University and graduated in 1990. Continually, Mohamed decided to attain a Master’s degree for Computer Engineering from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology (AAST). Starting his career working in the steel industries in year 1993 as an Electrical Engineer at a rolling mill. Mohamed has been involved in the multi-slitting revamping projects and wire rod mill double strand revamping projects. Mohamed Moustfa joined Beshay Steel in 2000 as Automation & Electrical Maintenance Department Manager. Currently he is holding the position of EASRCo Plant Manager.

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